What is web content for me??

August 29, 2023
Written by Yuki.A

When talking about web content, it encompasses various forms. From blogs and product introduction pages to a wide array such as streaming videos like on YouTube and ABEMA TV (which is Japanese video website), and even platforms like Instagram and TikTok, all these can be labeled as “web content.”

In this context, I intend to share insights from my experiences in creating “article-type” content like this blog post. I’ll recall considerations during creation and analysis after it was made.

Consciousness of Objectives

For instance, in this blog post, the aim is to convey “things to be mindful of when creating web content.” Based on personal experience, thoughts, and reflections, I’m penning this to document and potentially aid those grappling with web content creation, even partly for my own benefit.

Practice: Organizing Content Substance

To begin, content doesn’t originate from nowhere. Statements like “I want to convey the excellence of ○○!” or “○○ was so good that others should know!” often form the foundation. Therefore, it’s crucial to clarify what to convey, to whom, and how.

Start by jotting down thoughts about what you want to write in your article. (Without writing, it’s hard to organize what you’re pondering or where you’re stuck.) Moreover, an aspect often overlooked is the “whom” part (target audience or persona). For instance, writing content meant for beginners on a site visited mostly by experienced individuals in web advertising would lead to a mismatch between conveyed content and reader demands. This might render even meticulously crafted content, regardless of how purpose-driven, less engaging to read.


Creating the Content

With the general content decided, contemplate the article’s structure. As mentioned in the content organization section, considering a “beginning, middle, and end” structure makes it easy to envision. For instance, in this article:

– **Beginning**: What is web content? A brief explanation of what I want to introduce in this article.
– **Middle**: Aspects I’ve been mindful of during content creation, structure, and the creation process (based on personal experiences).
– **Turn**: Actions taken during and after creation (based on personal experiences).
– **End**: Summarizing thoughts from content creation and consciousness.

This structure was envisioned.

Ensure the introduction (where readers start) and conclusion (summary) allow readers to understand the content’s nature as much as possible.


After completing the article, reread it as if you were a complete stranger. Especially for how-to articles, it’s important that readers can solve problems or learn something from them. Readers shouldn’t finish the article without gaining insights or solutions to their queries.

Considerations When Creating Web Content:

– What’s the purpose of the content? (Informative, how-to, introduction, etc.)
– Who is the intended audience? (Target audience or persona definition)
– What’s the primary point I want to convey (conclusion)?
– How have readers changed before and after consuming the content? (Level of interest or purchase intent)

Aspects Checked After Creating Web Content:

– How many people read the content? (Visitors and page views)
– Why did people access this content? (Readers’ intent)
– To what extent did the content address what readers wanted to know or solve?
– Among those who started reading, how many read through to the conclusion?

This article discusses considerations I’ve been mindful of when creating article content. If a seasoned web writer were to read this, I’m sure there would be areas to critique, but I would be pleased if this could help someone in some way.

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